Epstein Investigation Goes Global

Epstein Investigation Goes Global

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The exploitation and abuse of children always justify serious consideration and investigation. There is no argument that those who commit such crimes should face the consequences.

Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse of young girls became public in 2005 and quickly snowballed into a federal case against him. With his globe-trotting nature, it was really only a matter of time until another country began looking more seriously into the disgraced financier.

After the release of an investigation by the British Channel 4 News on June 15, 2021, the British Metropolitan Police (BMP) announced it would begin to look into allegations against Epstein and his close associate, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Channel 4 News program spoke to alleged victims in the United Kingdom and brought new evidence against the duo to light. It revealed police failed to conduct a full investigation into the matter despite at least one person coming to them with claims.

A BMP spokesperson says the agency always takes sexual offenses seriously and investigates when there is adequate evidence, if it has the authority to do so and the accused is currently living. The caveat about live suspects is a catch here, since Epstein died in custody in 2019, but Ghislaine Maxwell is also implicated in this case. She’s still alive and currently in custody in the US.

The hope is the BMP’s look into these allegations will uncover more UK victims and help with potential cases elsewhere.

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