Emergency Slide From Jet Found Where?!

(TheIndependentStar.com) – In a bizarre coincidence, an emergency slide that detached from a Delta Airlines flight en route from JFK Airport has been discovered washed ashore near the residence of a lawyer involved in a lawsuit against Boeing for safety violations.

See photos of the emergency slide washed ashore below!

This incident occurred on the coast directly in front of the home of Jake Bissell-Linsk, a New York attorney who is representing plaintiffs against Boeing following a severe malfunction involving an Alaska Airlines flight earlier in the year, The New York Post reports.

Bissell-Linsk, observing from his Belle Harbor home, noticed the slide, which had detached from a Boeing 767, entangled among the rocks just off his property.

“We are right on the beach and I saw it was sitting on the breakers,” he said, describing the scene.

Although search efforts were initially concentrated in Jamaica Bay, the slide had evidently traveled further, landing on the shores facing the Atlantic Ocean. The peculiar location of the find—mere miles from JFK Airport—adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing legal battle concerning aviation safety, The Post notes.

Upon discovering the slide, Bissell-Linsk approached to document it with photographs, careful not to handle it directly. He noted its condition seemed largely preserved despite the circumstances.

“I didn’t want to touch it but I got close enough to get a close look at it,” he explained, highlighting the direct relevance of the slide to the ongoing safety concerns his firm is addressing in court.

Later that day, Delta personnel retrieved the slide. According to Bissell-Linsk, the retrieval was prompted by his neighbor, who attempted to contact the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), only to find their hotline unattended on a Sunday. The neighbor then reached out to Delta directly.

The discovery followed an emergency triggered on Delta Flight 520, which had to return to JFK shortly after takeoff due to a reported vibration.

The Federal Aviation Administration has since confirmed an investigation is underway, with Delta Airlines expressing cooperation.

In a broader context, Bissell-Linsk’s firm, Labaton Keller Sucharow, initiated a lawsuit against Boeing at the end of January, accusing the aerospace manufacturer of deceptive practices regarding safety, following an incident where a door detached from a Boeing 737 Max.

The firm alleges that these safety oversights affected the stock value of the company, representing shareholders who suffered financial losses as a result.

Bissell-Linsk expressed his hope that the recent slide incident would be thoroughly investigated, emphasizing the potential implications for their legal case against Boeing.

“We haven’t decided if the slide is relevant to our case,” he concluded.

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