Electric Bus Causes Huge Wreck (Video)

(TheIndependentStar.com) – In a disturbing incident casting doubt on the reliability and safety of electrically-powered vehicles of all types, a “100% electric” Google commuter bus ripped through multiple cars after losing power, an “accident” that could have killed numerous people.

On Monday, an electric bus utilized by Google employees caused considerable destruction and worry along Castro Street in San Francisco.

The incident occurred after it purportedly lost power and uncontrollably descended a hill, Breitbart News reports, citing SFist.

According to eyewitness accounts, at least one individual was hospitalized due to injuries incurred during the crash.

The SFist report reveals that the bus experienced a power outage and subsequently crashed into multiple parked vehicles near Castro Street and 20th Street.

Eyewitness accounts and visual evidence of the destruction surfaced on social media platforms, showing no less than four cars severely damaged by the incident.

The sequence of events began at approximately 8:45 a.m. on Monday when the bus, while ascending the steep gradient of Castro Street, allegedly experienced a power failure, which resulted in it rolling backward and striking the vehicles.

“Police have received a 911 report of a bus that slid down a hill colliding with multiple vehicles when its brakes failed,” reads a Citizen.com report.

A video that emerged online (see below) captured the grim scene, with a resident describing the ordeal.

“A Google bus lost its power while going up the hill and rolled back, hitting 9 cars this morning outside of my place,” the X user wrote in a post on the crash video.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) acknowledged the electric bus incident, noting its impact on the 24 bus line that services the area.

Despite the tumultuous morning, normal bus operations in San Francisco resumed by the afternoon.

“It appeared the bus may have rolled backward on the steep hill and into multiple cars,” KPIX commented in a report.

While the material damages were apparent, the EV incident also inflicted personal injury, leading to at least one person needing hospital care.

The extent of the injuries has not been made public, and law enforcement has not yet provided insights into what might have triggered the mishap.