Election Bombshell

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This raised some eyebrows.

A recent national survey by Fox News analyzed whether voters believed Democrats or Republicans would deal with several concerns better during the upcoming congressional elections. The results were an even split between both parties.

The survey listed 14 issues from climate change to taxes, with Republicans getting the outright edge in seven instances.

Voters believed Democrats would be better equipped to deal with education (+7 points), bringing the country together (+9), COVID-19 (+19), health care (+16), racism (+20), climate change (+22).

However, voters preferred Republicans on issues like taxes (+11 points), the federal deficit (+13), crime (+15), immigration (+15), the economy (+15), national security (+16), border security (+16).

When it comes to protecting American democracy, no party has a clear advantage, although Democrats came out with 2 points above Republicans.

Despite the narrow split, Republican candidates are more likely to attract voters in their congressional districts, as the party leads by a one-point margin over Democratic candidates (44 to 43%). But, for Republicans, this is a significant decline from Fox News’ December survey, in which Republicans led by four points.

Speaking on the matter, Daron Shaw, a Republican pollster who conducts Fox News surveys with his Democratic counterpart Chris Anderson, said “This is good news for Republican prospects for winning the majority,” adding that Democrats would need a four-point to seven-point lead to take the House.

Shaw continued by saying that Biden and Democrats needed to tackle two core tasks, improving “their ratings on the key ‘performance’ issues of the economy and coronavirus” in addition to being more noteworthy on traditional “Democratic issues such as health care.”

The survey also determined that independents were more likely to back Republicans (30%) than Democrat candidates (20%).

There has also been a significant shift among all voters on issues like immigration and taxes. Previously voters were evenly split on handling taxes. Republicans now take the lead by 11 points. On immigration, the margin is even greater with 15 points, after Democrats were the preferred choice for nearly a decade.