Dr. Fauci Now Demands Vaccines for Teachers

Dr. Fauci Now Demands Vaccines for Teachers

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The delta variant of COVID-19 is causing a surge in positive cases. The increase in infections has medical experts concerned as we move into the new school year.

On August 10, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC he supports a vaccine mandate for teachers. The medical advisor to the president did say the federal government won’t put one in place, but he urged local districts to enforce their own requirements.

Fauci cited an increase in cases and hospitalizations among children as the motivating factor for a mandate. He also recognized the opposition by saying, “I’m going to upset people,” but he went on to say that while people want their “individual freedom,” we are at a point where that doesn’t matter because “we’re in such a serious situation.”

The doctor may be jumping the gun on this. While reported positive cases are increasing, Dr. Camille Sabella, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, says there is not enough data, as of August 3, to show how the delta variant impacts children. He recognizes an increase in infected children but said they have mostly mild symptoms and hospitalizations are rare.

Many people have concerns because the vaccine doesn’t have FDA approval. Dr. Fauci says this is nothing to worry about. He said the vaccine’s success in practice shows it works and people “should consider this as good as fully approved.”

It’s interesting to see a medical doctor brush off important protocols in an attempt to push vaccines. Also, it brings into question the motivation behind Fauci’s stance on this vaccine mandate, especially considering children typically only have mild symptoms from the virus.

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