Donald Trump Told To Give Deposition In Case By Judge

Donald Trump Told To Give Deposition In Case By Judge

( – Former President Donald Trump has had a rocky road dealing with various legal cases since winning the office of president in 2016. His trouble began during his campaign, and a case from 2015 is now in the news again after a recent ruling.

New York Supreme Court Justice Doris Gonzalez has ordered Trump to appear for a deposition in relation to the case. The ruling came down on October 14. She set a deadline of October 31 for the testimony. A delay is only excusable in the event of a personal emergency.

The incident in question happened during a rally outside the New York City Trump Tower in September 2015. Protestors had a confrontation with Trump security, and they allege those staff attacked them and violated their civil rights. The former president was not there when this happened, but the case alleges he has responsibility for his employees’ actions.

Trump had used executive privilege as a reason not to give evidence, but Justice Gonzalez feels his testimony is vital to the case and that this excuse is not valid. She ordered him to give a videotaped deposition, which the defense attorney says will be recorded at the Trump Tower on October 18.

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