Donald Trump Says Biden’s Decision Over Afghanistan Is Worst One In History

Donald Trump Says Biden's Decision Over Afghanistan Is Worst One In History

( – The September 11 attack on the US was arguably the worst tragedy to occur in our country’s history. The needless loss of innocent life was almost beyond comprehension. Could Biden’s handling of Afghanistan open the door to the possibility that such an atrocity might occur again?

On August 30, former President Donald Trump said in an interview with One America News that President Biden had set the stage for another 9/11-type attack. He said that, under his plans, the withdrawal would have been very different.

The 45th president noted that his agreement made it clear to the Taliban that the loss of any American life would bring swift and deadly consequences. He said this is why there were no US fatalities after February 2020 under his watch.

He called the crisis the “single greatest humiliation” the US has had in history and blamed Biden directly for losing control of the situation.

Trump isn’t alone in feeling the current administration has set the country up for a potential terrorist attack. In an August 29 interview on CBS’s Face the Nation, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) echoed the fears.

The idea that terrorists could plan and carry out another attack like the US saw that September day is horrifying. No American old enough to remember what happened will want to experience something like that again. For the sake of the country, let’s hope Trump and Graham are wrong in their assessments.

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