Donald Trump Roars Over Afghanistan Pullout As Senate Holds Hearing

Donald Trump Roars Over Afghanistan Pullout As Senate Holds Hearing

( – The disastrous first year of Joe Biden’s presidency has brought crisis after crisis. The biggest misstep for the 46th president has undeniably been the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In the wake of the Taliban’s takeover, we saw the death of 13 military members and over 100 civilians in a suicide bomb attack. Some Americans and allies remain behind enemy lines.

The Senate Armed Services Committee met on September 28 to ask questions of the country’s top military leaders in an attempt to gain further insight into what happened in the Middle East. The testimony dropped bombshells about the president ignoring recommendations. Recommendations that could have prevented the chaos which erupted, and former President Donald Trump has a lot to say about it.

The Senate Hearings

Under oath, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley and US Central Command head General Frank McKenzie answered questions regarding their role in the decision-making around leaving Afghanistan. Both generals said they made suggestions to the president to maintain some presence in the country and not remove all troops, as doing so would likely lead to the collapse of the Afghan government and a Taliban takeover.

These statements do not match what the president told George Stephanopoulos in an ABC News interview in August. He said he didn’t have any recollection of any military leader suggesting leaving troops in the area.

Trump Speaks Out

In a September 28 statement, former President Trump took aim at the Biden administration’s failures in terms of the withdrawal. After hearing the Senate testimony, the 45th president exclaimed the plan to remove our military from the country was something only conceivable “by a child’s mind.”

He placed the responsibility at the feet of the current administration and dismissed any suggestions of liability on the part of prior administrations.

President Biden has claimed the agreement with the Taliban made under Trump was partly to blame for the evacuation. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also told the Senate committee that keeping troops in the country wouldn’t have made a difference to the eventual outcome.

In his statement, Trump explained everything was on track for a peaceful and safe exit from Afghanistan when he left office. He went on to call Biden’s withdrawal “one of the dumbest moves in history.”

He also suggested that, instead of Congress focusing efforts on the January 6 Select Committee, it should carry out an investigation into the withdrawal from Afghanistan to uncover why we have 13 American heroes dead, hundreds of citizens left behind enemy lines, and billions of dollars worth of lost equipment.

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