Dog Rescued In Ocean A Mile From Shore

Dog Rescued In Ocean A Mile From Shore

( – Dogs have a way of getting themselves into trouble. They then look to humans to rescue them, which is precisely what happened when one canine recently found itself in deep water.

Jakob Dutiot took some friends out on a boat off the Fort Lauderdale coast on October 24. The friends were enjoying the ride when they spotted something odd in the water about a mile from land. As they got closer, one of the passengers, Bryn Crowell, noticed it was a dog.

The poor pup was swimming for his life. Another friend, Dylan Berian, jumped right into the water to save the little one. They quickly dried him off and warmed him up. The friends said it only took about five minutes before he was calm and content.

Luckily, the canine had his tags on, which provided the boaters with information about his owners. They were able to meet up with them and return the pup, whose name is Zuko.

The owners explained Zuko fell overboard or jumped into the water within the couple of minutes nobody was with him. They tried looking for him but feared he was gone forever. The panicked owners were relieved when the group of friends returned him, and they promised he wouldn’t be on a boat again until he had a life vest.

Crowell captured the whole recuse on her phone and posted the video online, where it quickly became a viral sensation. Viewers were thrilled to learn the story had a happy ending.

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