Disgraced Governor Gets Major Break

Diana Robinson, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

People are furious.

On Thursday, Nassau County’s district attorney confirmed that former Governor Andrew Cuomo would not be charged for an incident of allegedly inappropriately touching a state trooper.

In September 2019, allegations were made against Cuomo that he had inappropriately touched a state trooper at Belmont Racetrack in Long Island. Although the allegation was “credible,” it was “not criminal under New York law,” Nassau County district attorney concluded in an investigation.

Acting District Attorney for Nassau County, Joyce Smith, thanked those who had come forward and cooperated during the investigation, in addition to acknowledging the diligence of the Attorney General and New York State Assembly.

A spokesman for Cuomo, Rich Azzopardi, stated that the former governor had no recollection of touching the Trooper, who was holding the door open for Cuomo, but mentioned that Cuomo commonly acknowledged the presence of a trooper, regardless of gender.

Criticizing Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into Cuomo, Azzopardi stated that it had become apparent “that the Attorney General’s report was the intersection of gross prosecutorial misconduct and an abuse of government power for political purposes.” He continued by saying that the investigation was “obviously a political springboard to remove Governor Cuomo,” adding that James had only pursued the investigation so she could run for office.

The state trooper –– who hasn’t been identified –– as one of eleven women who made accusations against Cuomo in James’ investigation. In a testimony that formed part of the investigation, the Trooper said Cuomo placed his hand on her torso and right hip, saying that the incident made her feel “uncomfortable” and “completely violated.”

Cuomo continues to deny the allegations that he sexually harassed and inappropriately touched 11 women referenced in James’ report instead, referring to it as “politics.” The report seems to be substantiated by a November 22nd report by the New York State Assembly, which discovered a 12th accuser.