Dems Furious With Biden Over THIS!

Joe Biden

( – Discussing the left’s turmoil over their appalling poll ratings, Politico’s Jonathan Martin discussed the apparent disarray within the Democratic Party regarding Joe Biden’s economic policies, commonly referred to as “Bidenomics.”

This introspection among Democrats comes after polling data indicated that a mere 14% of voters feel they have benefited financially under Biden’s presidency.

Martin’s report, drawn from discussions with numerous Democrats and Republicans who oppose President Donald Trump, reveals a growing sentiment for Biden to abandon his current economic strategy.

“Perhaps the most overwhelming economic messaging advice I picked up from Democrats was for him to heave ‘Bidenomics’ into the dumpster,” Martin stated in his article. This internal critique suggests a mounting challenge for Biden as he attempts to persuade the electorate of his suitability for re-election.

The concept of Bidenomics is structured around three fundamental goals outlined by the White House. These objectives include making intelligent public investments in America, empowering and educating workers to expand the middle class, and fostering competition to reduce costs, benefiting entrepreneurs and small businesses. The overarching aim is to attempt to address long-standing issues such as escalating inequality and the neglect of various communities nationwide.

Despite these intentions, Martin argues that the administration’s approach is misaligned with the current economic realities faced by Americans. “Attempting to make voters believe something they don’t is folly. Attaching your name to that strategy borders on masochistic,” he wrote.

With people grappling with increased costs for essentials like housing, gas, and groceries, Martin suggests that focusing on job growth and unemployment rates is proving inadequate.

Supporting this viewpoint, a Financial Times-University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business poll shows that Bidenomics is not resonating with a significant portion of the population.

The survey revealed that only 14% of voters feel better off financially since Biden assumed office. Moreover, 70% of voters believe Biden’s economic policies have either adversely affected the economy or had no impact. Within this group, 33% opined that the president’s policies have significantly harmed the economy.

This polling data underscores Biden’s impossible challenges as he navigates the complex landscape of economic policy and public opinion ahead of his futile re-election efforts.