Democrats Trying To Block $1,000,000 Payment Donald Trump Is Owed

Democrats Trying To Block $1,000,000 Payment Donald Trump Is Owed

( – The Democrats spent years during Trump’s presidency demanding to see his tax returns. They were sure the documents would provide proof of misconduct.

Ironically, the city of Chicago is now revealing that it owes the former president money because he actually overpaid his taxes. Instead of trying to get out of paying as they thought, Trump paid too much.

The Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board ruled that a payment of just over $1 million is due to the former president. This is a refund on the 2011 taxes for the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

The Cook County Board of Review made an error when valuing the property, causing Trump to pay too much in taxes that year. The board reviewed the space and uncovered the mistake on June 2.

One would think a rightfully-owed tax refund would be paid out quickly, but city leaders are demanding that the payment not be processed. The city is lamenting how dreadful it will be for the community, saying it will take a large chunk of money away from Chicago Public Schools. The Cook County State’s Attorney filed a lawsuit to stop the payment.

Liberal city leaders are trying to make this into some type of scandalous situation when it simply boils down to them holding Donald Trump’s money hostage. If this was anyone else, would there be as much of a controversy surrounding the refund?

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