Democrats Panic Over Fox News Bombshell

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

House Democrats are preparing a strategy to counter any angle Fox News’ Tucker Carlson takes when broadcasting the January 6 insurrection footage given to Carlson and his team — which the Fox News host promised he’d be airing in the coming weeks.

Reporting by The Hill, citing a Democratic source close to the deliberations.

Democrats have been vocal about their suspicions that Carlson — who has promoted January 6 insurrection conspiracies before — would give a partial assessment.

This week House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) expressed that he and his fellow Democrats have been in discussions about developing a plan to counter a false narrative that they believe could emerge from Carlson’s segments.

Jeffries revealed that Democratic lawmakers, former head of the now-defunct January 6 Panel Rep. Bennie Thompson (Miss.) and senior Democrat on the House Administration Rep. Joe Morelle (N.Y.) would be leading the party’s response.

The House Minority Leader explained that Democrats are expecting to have a “game plan” relating to the “well-being of people who work on the Capitol complex” but didn’t give any specifics about when the plan would be drawn up and what it would include.

After Axios broke the story that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA.) had supplied Carlson with 41,000 hours of January 6 insurrection footage, Thompson was the first Democrat to speak out against the move.

The Mississippi Democrat highlighted that Carlson having and potentially using the footage “irresponsibly” posed a “security risk.”

Other Democrats believe those involved in the January 6 Committee would be best suited to Comment on the footage’s broadcast, given they have insider knowledge.