Democrats Move To Take Over Entire State

Photo by Daniel Halseth on Unsplash

As Nevada Democrats prepare for a state party chair election over the weekend, fractures are emerging within their rank.

Senior elected officials have called the party’s current chairperson in Nevada, Judith Whitmer, to resign.

The calls for Whitmer’s resignation came as the Nevada Democratic Party Chair had to field unflattering headlines. At the same time, the party faced a battle between the moderate and progressive factions of the party.

Congressional Democrats have expressed concern that the internal fight could spill into the 2024 Presidential race, as Nevada is a critical early primary voting state for Democrats.

Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen (Nev.), one of upper Congress’s most vulnerable Senators, is also facing reelection.

A staffer for Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Presidential campaign, Peter Koltak, described the events occurring among Democrats in Nevada as “an embarrassment to progressives,” explaining that much of the issues stem from “incompetence.”

Koltak questioned whether the Nevada Democratic Party would receive “new leadership,” suggesting the party’s issues in the state can be pinned on Whitmer.

Koltak asserted new leadership would make Nevada a “partner in elections” while insinuating a lack of change will cause it to “continue to be an isolated, rump organization.”

Over the last two years, Nevada’s Democrats have witnessed a growing rift between the party’s progressive wing and establishment members.

At the center of the rift is Whitmer, who, about two years ago, took over the state party. Her takeover came just after the entire permanent staff of the Nevada Democratic Party resigned.

The timing of the rift couldn’t be worse as Democrats prepare to make Nevada the second presidential primary state.