Democrats Looking To “Lock Down” Blue States

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Democrats are regaining strength in the “blue wall” states that former President Donald Trump won in 2016, boosting the party’s hopes in a region that will prove critical for next year’s election.

The party was riding high after winning critical victories in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania over the previous six months, signaling renewed momentum after Trump’s victory cast doubt on the party’s status in the Rust Belt.

But Democrats say they will not be taking the states for granted and have even more work to do as President Joe Biden seeks a second term and several senators in those states are up for reelection.

Kaitlin Fahey, the Democratic consultant who led the successful Bid to get the Democratic Nation Convention hosted in Chicago, stated it was “clear” that the road to the White House and retaining the Senate majority “cuts through the Midwest.”

Meanwhile, Republicans are aiming to break the “blue wall” and next year will host the Republican National Convention in nearby Milwaukee.

Fahey noted the interest by both Republicans and Democrats is “indicative” of how both political parties view the “Midwest, the Rust Belt,” which she highlighted some describe “as flyover states,” as “states and constituencies” that cannot be forgotten.

Fahey added this is in contrast to the states that have sometimes felt left behind under previous governments.

The party focused on protecting the traditional “blue wall” earlier this month when Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chose Chicago to host the 2024 convention.

The Governors of Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota each signed a letter supporting Chicago’s DNC bid, saying the party “must do everything” possible to make the blue wall an impenetrable blue fortress.

In addition to Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin being swing presidential primary states, they also have key Senate races this season.