Dem Candidate Arrested!


( – In a new disgrace for the left, showing how eager leftist operatives are to take advantage of wokeism, a Democrat campaigning for office in Texas has been arrested and charged with a serious crime after he allegedly fabricated social media profiles to disseminate false racist assaults against himself.

Taral Patel, the Democratic candidate for the commissioner of Fort Bend County Precinct 3, reportedly utilized his Facebook account in September 2023 to announce that supporters of his “Republican opponents decided to hurl #racist, #anti-immigrant, #Hinduphobic, or otherwise disgusting insults,” and attached screenshots purported to display biased remarks made by residents of the county.

An investigation led by the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office and the Texas Rangers ultimately traced the origin of these racist messages back to Patel, according to The Houston Chronicle, cited by The Daily Caller.

“We don’t need more sand negroid subhumans who smell like curry and filth in our country,” one comment flagged by Patel reads.

“If I see you wearing that dot on your head, I’ll wipe it off myself,” another reads.

Patel’s campaign has received support from notable Democratic figures such as Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Texas Representative Joaquin Castro, as stated on his campaign website.

Additionally, the website mentions that President Joe Biden appointed Patel to serve in the Office of White House Liaison, where he claims to have been “a key member” of the White House Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Committee.

Republican Commissioner Andy Meyers, Patel’s opponent, grew suspicious of the authenticity of these racist claims shortly after Patel’s post, as reported by Houston Public Media.

Meyers, who recognized one of the accounts from previous attacks against himself, employed a private investigator to uncover the identity behind it.

When the private investigator’s efforts failed to yield results, Meyers requested assistance from the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office, which then issued subpoenas to Facebook and Google. These subpoenas revealed account information linked directly to Patel, including his address, phone number, Texas driver’s license number, and bank card number, as per ABC 13.

It was also revealed by Houston Public Media that Patel allegedly used a photograph of an actual resident of Fort Bend County for one of the fabricated accounts, without the individual’s consent.

The Texas Rangers arrested Patel on charges of online impersonation—a third-degree felony—and misrepresentation of identity, a misdemeanor.

ABC 13 noted that Patel’s total bail amounted to $22,250, which he posted the following Thursday morning.

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