Court Sides with Greg Abbott’s Ban Attempt

Court Sides with Greg Abbott's Ban Attempt

( – Mask mandates are coming under fire at the state level as some governors have put orders in place to prevent government entities from issuing them. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) instituted a ban on these laws in July.

Multiple entities decided to ignore Abbott’s executive order, and attorneys for the cities and counties opposing the ban sued the governor. Appeals courts upheld rulings allowing mask mandates in both Bexar County and Dallas County last week.

On August 15, the Texas Supreme Court upheld the governor’s ban in a temporary ruling. This means the ban remains in effect until lower courts can hear the cases and make final rulings.

The argument of the counties is that the governor doesn’t have the power to overrule local laws, even in an emergency situation. They have concerns over the increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations in Texas, which is fueling the push for mask requirements. They also say it is no surprise the fully Republican court refused to go against the governor.

In his petition to the state’s Supreme Court, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that Governor Abbott has the right to issue such orders under the Texas Disaster Act of 1975. Both cases are heading back to the courtroom before the end of this month.

Many local areas have said they will not abide by the governor’s ban, even with the ruling from the Supreme Court. They intend to move forward with mandates as schools begin reconvening for the new year.

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