Colorado GOP: Burn THESE Flags

( – In a move that will enrage the extreme left, the Colorado Republican Party posted on social media a call for the burning of all Pride flags during Pride Month.

“Burn all the #pride flags this June,” the state GOP wrote on X. The party also sent an email blast attacking Pride Month.

Party Chairman Dave Williams signed the email, stating, “The month of June has arrived and, once again, the godless groomers in our society want to attack what is decent, holy, and righteous so they can ultimately harm our children.”

Williams also claimed that the state GOP makes “no apologies” for its message.

“We make no apologies for saying God hates pride or pride flags as it’s an agenda that harms children and undermines parental authority, and the only backlash we see is coming from radical Democrats, the fake news media, and weak Republicans who bow down at the feet of leftist cancel culture,” Williams asserted

The Colorado GOP’s message is the latest incident targeting the LGBTQ+ community as Pride month kicks off.

In Carlisle, Massachusetts, more than 200 Pride flags were stolen days before a local Pride event. Last June, Pride flags were stolen, slashed, or burned in several states.

Moreover, politicians from both sides have condemned the Colorado GOP’s anti-LGBTQ+ message.

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Shad Murib wrote on X, “For those in the back, both parties are NOT the same. This type of vile hatred has come to define the CO GOP and it’s why we’re organizing up and down the ballot to beat them at all levels.”

Similarly, Valdamar Archuleta, the President of the Colorado Chapter of the Conservative LGBTQ+ advocacy group Log Cabin Republicans and a GOP candidate for Congress, declined the party’s endorsement in response to the email and said it did not reflect the Republican voters of his state.

“I have been an avid critic of where the celebration of Pride has gone in recent years and firm supporter of protecting children from environments and entertainments that are of an adult nature. However, this email went too far and was just hateful,” Archuleta said.

The state GOP chair said Archuleta will still have the party’s support as the “presumptive nominee.” Williams added that if Archuleta does not want the party label, he will have to withdraw from the race.

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