China Sends Threat of “Showdown” to United States

China Sends Threat of

( – US relations with China have always been precarious. The communist nation likes to assert its dominance and responds quickly when it feels it may look weak.

A recent story in the Global Times, the Chinese government-run newspaper, seemed to threaten the US over actions Chinese leaders feel are aggressive. The paper made it clear the country’s leaders are preparing a nuclear plan to deter the US from military action in the area.

The paper’s editor, Hu Xijin, stated China wants to increase the number of its nuclear warheads to a number that “makes US elites shiver.” China aims to be ready for a showdown with the US, and the newspaper wasn’t shy about details, going so far as to name the specific missiles that form the plan’s backbone.

This is a response to President Joe Biden sending more weapons to Australia to prepare for potential issues with China. The communist nation sees this and recent disagreements over Taiwan as “US strategic containment” and feels it is intensifying. Chinese leaders believe the country will more easily deter the US with a robust nuclear plan in place.

Another cause for alarm is the recently unveiled Chinese stealth bomber that can hit major US military bases in the Pacific. However, the US has more military strength than China, which is still decades away from being a comparable force. An all-out war would probably not be in the communist nation’s best interest.

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