Cheney Attacks New House Speaker

Liz Cheney

( – In a conversation on the “Politics Is Everything” podcast produced by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney slammed new House Speaker Mike Johnson.

In the podcast, Cheney described Johnson as “dangerous,” directly attributing this to his endorsement of former President Donald Trump’s unfounded allegations of electoral fraud in 2020.

Detailing her interactions with Johnson, whom she knew well from their concurrent elections and adjacent offices, Cheney recounted, “Mike in my experience, and, I was very, deeply involved and engaged as the conference chair, when Mike was doing things like convincing members of the conference to sign on to the amicus brief. He was acting in ways that he knew to be wrong.”

She further expressed apprehension about his recent elevation to the speaker’s role, highlighting the gravity of having Republicans who recognize the truth but still choose to partake in acts that could potentially weaken the foundations of the republic.

Cheney’s remarks reflect on a tumultuous time within the GOP, marked by Johnson’s ascent to the speakership and the ousting of Kevin McCarthy from the position. Johnson’s rise was characterized by the consolidation of varying party factions, garnering support from both the conservative and moderate wings.

Speaking from experience as the former chair of the GOP conference, Cheney has publicly chastised Johnson for his actions post-election. She stated with unease, “In my view, he was willing to set aside what he knew to be the rulings of the courts, the requirements of the Constitution, in order to placate Donald Trump, in order to gain praise from Donald Trump, for political expedience.”

These developments follow Cheney’s own political journey, where her tenure as Wyoming’s representative since 2016 ended following a primary defeat in 2022 to Harriet Hageman. Cheney’s alignment with the House Jan. 6 committee investigating Trump’s alleged instigation of the Capitol riots significantly estranged her from the GOP’s mainstream.

At this juncture, Johnson has not publicly responded to Cheney’s pointed critique. Her grave assertions about his character and the implications of his leadership hold considerable weight, stirring conversation on the direction and integrity of Republican leadership amid lingering post-election controversies.