Career Cop Signs Off After Being Forced To Leave Job

Career Cop Signs Off After Being Forced To Leave Job

( – On September 9, President Joe Biden issued an executive order putting a vaccine mandate in place. With this command, he’s forcing millions of Americans to choose between their jobs and personal freedoms.

Multiple law enforcement officers have refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine, choosing instead to leave their jobs. Some of their sign-off videos have gone viral.

One officer from the Washington State Patrol quit after 17 years, and his tearful goodbye message explained he was standing up for medical and personal freedom. Another Washington trooper’s last radio transmission from his post of 22 years went viral; it ended with some harsh words for Governor Jay Inslee (D), who is enforcing the president’s mandate.

There is considerable pushback all over the country. Chicago is dealing with a mayor and police union at odds over enforcing the order. In Baltimore, the police union is also opposing the vaccine requirement.

Despite the severe safety issues caused by officers leaving their jobs, the White House refuses to back down. In the press briefing on October 19, a reporter asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki how a mandate for the vaccine can make people safer when it is leaving law enforcement groups across the nation shorthanded?

Psaki refused to recognize there was a wave of officers quitting, asking where this was happening. After hearing some facts and numbers about police force personnel losses, she eventually said the stance of the White House is that mandates do make people safer and have been a success.

Will communities agree with the press secretary when response times for emergencies increase or violence in their areas becomes more commonplace because police departments do not have enough officers?

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