Caitlyn Jenner Throws Support Behind Donald Trump

Caitlyn Jenner Throws Support Behind Donald Trump

( – She might not fit into the typical conservative mold, but transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner won’t let that stop her. She’s running as a Republican in the next election, hoping to become Governor of California. The well-known star’s intentions are drawing significant attention to her overall political thoughts and ideals.

Jenner showcased her position on a very important subject during an interview with Jeanine Pirro on the July 17, 2021, airing of Justice with Judge Jeanine. Specifically, the political hopeful confirmed that, should former president Donald Trump choose to run again in 2024, she fully intends to support him all the way to the finish line.

The former Olympian went on to say she would also support a bid from Trump to become Governor of California. She intends to stand by him whether she wins the seat or not. But Jenner didn’t express her thoughts on whether or not the former president should run in the first place, instead stating, “That’s his decision.”

Jenner added that she also doesn’t like the way people try to push Republicans in a box, saying they must feel or think a certain way. She said that is not how she operates. The public figure’s conservative values are mostly economic in nature, while her social ideals are far more inclusive. This skews a considerable distance away from the stereotypical idea of a modern American Conservative or Republican.

Notably, Jenner and Trump had a falling out in 2016 over transgender rights.

The gubernatorial candidate explained that her current support for Trump reflects how she feels about the direction the US is heading under the Democrats. She doesn’t “like what’s happening in this country right now.”

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