Bride Erupts On “Unruly” Bridesmaid

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

A bride took to a wedding-focused Facebook group to ask if it was “unreasonable” for her to get upset at one of her bridesmaids for getting pregnant after the bride specifically asked everyone in her wedding party not to get pregnant before her big day.

The bride’s request was screenshotted and shared on the “Wedding Shaming” subreddit.

Users can anonymously shame weddings, including themes, vendors, brides, grooms, guests, and in-laws, in this 535,00-member Reddit forum.

The user who started the thread on the subject revealed that the bride was “upset” because “she can’t control the family planning of her party,” which has so far received more than 970 upvotes and the tag “Bridezilla.”

The screenshot shows the bride acknowledged she “can’t stop anyone from becoming pregnant,” but said she still wouldn’t want pregnant women at her wedding.

The bride explained that since “the very beginning,” she had repeatedly asked her bridesmaids if they were “OK with waiting to have babies or another baby until after the wedding.”

She added that she didn’t want to “stress” about dresses fitting correctly “and what not.”

The anonymous bride then poses the question if it’s “wrong to be upset because she’s making me feel like I am?”

The bride added that although she was happy for her bridesmaid, she wished that she hadn’t kept her secret and lied to her and still expected her to “still save.”

The Reddit post has generated more than 100 comments, and almost all commenters believe the bride is unreasonable and has crossed the line.