Border Crossers Are Not Being Tested For ANYTHING By Biden Administration

Border Crossers Are Not Being Tested For ANYTHING By Biden Administration

( – The crisis at the border shows no signs of slowing down. Officials remain concerned that immigrants may be adding to the spread of COVID-19.

The sheriff of Val Verde County in Texas says people illegally crossing the border are not undergoing any form of testing for health issues, including COVID-19. Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez claims there is no health screening occurring at border camps, and the Biden administration is leaving it up to local officials to handle this national concern.

Speaking at a makeshift camp holding about 10,000 immigrants, the sheriff said authorities don’t have the supplies or the staff they need to manage basic care. He said it is as if the administration has abandoned them.

Camps popping up lack everything they need to provide a safe and sanitary place for migrants. One under the Del Rio International Bridge continues to expand without much help from the federal government. Officials from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) say they are sending more agents, but the situation is dire.

Immigrant numbers continue to go up as Joe Biden ignores the crisis. With the lack of staffing and supplies, it is incredibly hard to believe anyone is undergoing COVID testing. In addition, officials in the area say there is little social distancing or use of masks. Not only could this situation allow the virus to spread within the camps, but it could also lead to surges in COVID numbers in local areas.

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