BOMBSHELL: Obama Taking Over Biden Campaign!?

Joe Biden and Barack Obama

( – The panic on the left that Joe Biden will lose the November election could not be more pronounced, as indicated by reports that his former boss, Barack Obama, is taking over Biden’s campaign.

Concerned about Biden’s prospects for reelection, Obama has taken a more active role in Biden’s campaign, according to sources cited by New York Magazine, Breitbart News reports.

His deeper involvement was initiated after campaign officials, late in 2023, recognized they were facing a historic rematch against former President Donald Trump.

An Economist model released in June estimated Trump has a two-thirds probability of achieving the most significant political comeback in recent American history.

Furthermore, a New York Times/Siena College survey from March revealed that 73% of voters believe Biden is too aged to effectively serve as president, including 61% of those who voted for him in 2020.

Obama has been consulting with O’Malley Dillon, the chair of Biden’s campaign, and Anita Dunn, a Biden aide who also worked with Obama.

He provides advice on strategies for digital expenditure, engages directly in public relations with Hollywood celebrities, and contributes to fundraising efforts.

As reported by New York Magazine, “As he has become more plugged in to Biden’s political thinking, Obama speaks more often with O’Malley Dillon — the campaign’s chair and functionally its executive — including about Biden’s efforts to target hard-to-persuade young and Black voters. At the same time, operatives in Obama’s personal office coordinate with Biden’s campaign to make sure Obama is in the loop on campaign updates. And he has kept in regular touch with the White House side, too, checking in with two more of his former top aides: chief of staff Jeff Zients and Dunn, a senior adviser.”

The report further says that while Obama is admittedly anxious about the upcoming election, his concerns echo the broader sentiments of top Democrats, shaped not by a specific dissatisfaction with Biden or his team, but by the stark polarization of the country, the fragmented media landscape, and Trump’s potential victory.

He has historically conveyed to his friends and concerned supporters that the election will be intensely competitive.

Nonetheless, he remains cautious about expressing specific worries or complacency, mindful that public discourse on his views could inadvertently affect the Democratic effort negatively.

This year, Obama is expected to again be a prominent advocate for Biden in the fall.

He has already begun his public engagements earlier than many expected, including a high-profile campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles this month with Biden, featuring celebrities like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Besides such high-profile events, Obama has also engaged in less conspicuous activities, having already raised over $65 million for Biden, as noted by a Democrat informed about the campaign’s finances.

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