BOMBSHELL: Mike Tyson Returns to the Ring (Video)

( – In a surprising development, former professional boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is going to back to the ring for a faceoff with Jake Paul, known as “boxing’s most polarizing” star.

See a video promoting the Tyson – Paul match below!

Tyson is poised for a sensational return to the boxing ring in a high-profile match scheduled for July 20 at the AT&T Stadium, famously known as the home ground of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Tyson-Paul match will be broadcast live on Netflix, the streaming company has revealed, cited by The New York Post.

“It’s JAKE PAUL vs. MIKE TYSON — yes, really! — in a LIVE BOXING event at AT&T Stadium you won’t want to miss. Airing live on Netflix Saturday, July 20 #PaulTyson,” Netflix wrote in an X post.

The bout is officially designated as an exhibition match, although the precise details regarding the nature of this encounter remain somewhat vague.

Tyson, revered as a legendary former heavyweight champion, will be 58 years old at the time of the match.

His last official foray into the boxing ring dates back to June 11, 2005, when he was defeated by Kevin McBride.

However, Tyson did participate in an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. on November 28, 2020, in Los Angeles.

This event also featured Paul, who delivered a stunning knockout victory against former Knicks guard Nate Robinson in the second round.

“He’s grown significantly as a boxer over the years, so it will be a lot of fun to see what the will and ambition of a ‘kid’ can do with the experience and aptitude of a GOAT,” Tyson remarked about Paul.

“It’s a full-circle moment that will be beyond thrilling to watch, as I started him on his boxing journey on the undercard of my fight with Roy Jones, and now I plan to finish him,” he added.

Jake Paul, at 27, has managed to draw significant attention to the sport of boxing over the past few years, thanks to his participation in several matches against ex-MMA stars such as Nate Diaz, Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley (whom he fought twice), and Ben Askren.

However, when Paul eventually faced a professional boxer, Tommy Fury—brother of Tyson Fury—he experienced his first defeat in the ring.

“My sights are set on becoming a world champion, and now I have a chance to prove myself against the greatest heavyweight champion ever, the baddest man on the planet and the most dangerous boxer of all time,” Paul stated.

“This will be the fight of a lifetime,” he concluded.

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