BOMBSHELL: Biden Asking Terrorists For Help!?

( – In a new humiliation for the United States likely to be brought about by President Joe Biden, the Biden administration is considering asking one brand of Islamist terrorists – the Taliban in Afghanistan, for help against another brand – the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Biden administration is reportedly contemplating collaborating with the Taliban to combat a faction of ISIS in Afghanistan, according to NBC News.

Relations between Western nations and the Taliban, the Islamist militia that governs Afghanistan, have rarely been robust or characterized by trust.

However, both the US and the Taliban view ISIS-K as a mutual threat, exacerbated by the group’s notable resurgence this year.

This has led to discussions within the Biden administration about potentially cooperating with the Taliban to locate and eliminate this terrorist organization, as stated by two individuals privy to these talks and a former US official.

“There’s an internal debate about whether to try to work more with the Taliban,” a former senior US official explained, The Daily Caller reports.

ISIS-K, the Khorasan Province branch of the ISIS terror network, was previously considered by the West to lack the capability to conduct significant attacks.

This perception shifted dramatically this year following ISIS-K’s execution of large-scale terrorist attacks in Iran and Russia in January and March, resulting in numerous fatalities. The group has also planned attacks in Europe this year but has been thwarted.

Post-2021, following the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan—a move widely criticized as mishandled and which facilitated the rapid Taliban takeover—the US finds its ability to monitor ISIS-K’s activities in the region severely restricted.

“We have a very, very limited ability to see what [ISIS-K is] doing,” stated a former military officer familiar with the region.

In response, the Biden administration is considering enhancing intelligence sharing with the Taliban to better anticipate ISIS-K’s forthcoming actions.

The Taliban, perceiving ISIS-K as a threat to their dominance in Afghanistan, has previously clashed with the group.

“I think in some places, such as in eastern Afghanistan, including Kunar and Nangarhar provinces, the Islamic State people and their supporters were ruthlessly treated, but it helped us get rid of this menace,” a Taliban official remarked, describing their confrontations with ISIS and its Khorasan branch.

Another official disclosed his recent journey north to collect intelligence on ISIS, revealing that ISIS-K had been migrating between Syria and Afghanistan via Iran.

Some members of Congress view enhanced collaboration with the Taliban as a viable strategy, yet they contend that the Biden administration should first secure concessions from the militia, including the improvement of women’s rights in Afghanistan.

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