Boat Abandoned in Middle of State Highway

Boat Abandoned in Middle of State Highway

( – Anyone who has tried to dispose of a large item knows it can be a headache. Trying to get rid of watercraft can be even worse due to restrictions, but there are proper ways to do it. One person in Wisconsin recently decided to forgo these accepted methods, though, opting instead for a much more disruptive means of disposal.

In an October 5 Facebook post, the Wisconsin State Patrol brought attention to a boat some person abandoned on the side of Highway 33. It was clear this was no breakdown situation because there was no vehicle or trailer nearby.

The vessel was not in the best condition, although it still had its single-engine. Officers knew this was a dump. Whoever left the boat painted the word “free” on its side in a supposed attempt to get rid of it faster. The problem is this type of disposal is illegal. Officials reminded people in the post that they should not get rid of unwanted watercraft in this way.

Unfortunately, finding the proper way to get rid of an unwanted vessel is not an easy task. Every county handles the process differently. For example, in Brown County, the Waste Transfer Station takes them. In Waupaca County, the Processing and Transfer Facility is the place to go. There are also private businesses and organizations that will take old boats. You can even donate them to charity.

There are many better options to unload an unwanted vessel than leaving it on the side of the road where it could potentially become a traffic hazard.

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