Bizarre Skateboards Infused with Tony Hawk’s Blood

Bizarre Skateboards Infused with Tony Hawk's Blood

( – Skateboarding made its debut in the Olympic Games in 2021, and legendary skater Tony Hawk was on hand as a commentator. While Hawk no longer skates professionally, the 53-year-old is still finding ways to keep fans happy.

In conjunction with Liquid Death, a drink manufacturer, the skating pro helped to create a unique skateboard. Hawk donated his blood to the effort, and the company then mixed it with red paint to use on the boards.

They only made 100 of the limited-edition boards, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. The price tag is $500, and a portion of the proceeds goes toward building skateparks and helping the fight against pollution from plastic.

There is some bad news for skateboarding fans that want a piece of the OG. They sold out almost instantly, and there are currently no plans to make more in the future.

Hawk said he took part in this project to connect with skateboarding fans. He also liked the fact that Liquid Death has a similar relationship with its fanbase and felt working with the company was a good way to celebrate the skateboarding community. The skater also believes in the causes the project will help to fund.

It’s not surprising the boards sold out fast. After all, what skating fan wouldn’t want to own a little piece of Tony Hawk?

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