Biden’s White House Panicking Over Mounting Lies

Photo by Michael Schofield on Unsplash

Hunter Biden’s attorney stated last week that Hunter never shared his business or profits with his father, President Biden. Abbe Lowell, Hunter’s attorney, firmly asserted that President Biden was never part of any of Hunter’s past business transactions and received no financial gain from them.

Lowell clarified to CNN, “Hunter did not involve his father in his business ventures or share his business profits with him. His father, like many parents, was there to support Hunter during tough times.”

Despite these statements, House Republicans investigating the Bidens have suggested the administration’s stance has been inconsistent. They highlight that in 2019, Biden denied ever talking business with his son. Yet, it’s known that Eric Schwerin, a close business associate of Hunter, managed the senior Biden’s finances throughout the Obama years.

Moreover, Biden as Vice President reportedly met several of Hunter’s foreign business partners. In the past, he has emphasized that he never discussed any business affairs with his son or any family member.

However, this narrative changed when White House communications began emphasizing that President Biden was not “in business” with Hunter during his vice presidency.

Several leading House Republicans sought clarity on the matter, but their inquiries were not met with a response by the stipulated deadline.

Furthermore, Hunter’s communications from a previously abandoned laptop have raised questions. Messages reveal Hunter mentioning paying for family expenses and alluding to sharing accounts with his father. There’s also an email referencing Biden as the “big guy” and suggesting a 10% share for him.

The House Oversight Committee has cited some of these messages as potential indications of President Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s business activities.

A whistleblower also alleged interference by federal agencies in investigations related to Hunter Biden, with evidence suggesting Hunter used his father’s name in business dealings.

Given these allegations, House Republicans initiated an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. In response, the White House has challenged the claims and emphasized the lack of evidence pointing to any wrongdoing by the President. They stress that impeachment should be reserved for serious offences, a standard they believe hasn’t been met in this case.