Biden’s White House Attacks Mainstream Media

Photo by Michael Schofield on Unsplash

The White House is pushing back against the media’s intense focus on President Biden’s age and his capability to perform his duties, as polls indicate it might be a significant concern for his reelection bid.

Through various posts on X, previously known as Twitter, aides directly addressed articles and headlines—even from typically Democratic-supportive sources—that discuss the president’s age. They argue such narratives overlook Biden’s recent demanding travels across Asia.

Highlighting Biden’s busy schedule, Herbie Ziskend, the deputy communications director, shared an image on X of the president’s itinerary, showing him visiting Vietnam in the morning, Alaska in the afternoon, and then returning to Washington past midnight.

Ziskend’s post was a response to allegations made during the 2020 campaign by former President Trump’s team, which implied that Biden was using the pandemic to mask his age-induced lack of energy. This sentiment was echoed in a recent Axios article suggesting that both Biden and Trump are limiting public appearances in their 2024 campaigns.

Olivia Dalton, the principal deputy press secretary, critiqued a CNN piece that emphasized a moment in Biden’s Hanoi press conference when press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had to step in as Biden was answering a journalist’s question.

Ben LaBolt, the White House Communications Director, sarcastically commented on a Daily Beast headline which mentioned Biden’s statement about retiring to bed after a 9:30 p.m. press conference in Vietnam.

Moreover, in an uncommon gesture, Jean-Pierre thanked Fox News’s Peter Doocy for highlighting the president’s exhaustive schedule during his travels.

For many who support Biden, his journey, which took him from Washington to India for the G20 summit, then to Vietnam and Alaska, and back to Washington, serves as evidence of his fitness for the role.

The president met numerous global leaders at the G20, forged a new strategic alliance with Vietnam, and even humorously commented on his hectic schedule during a press meet in Vietnam.

Questions about Biden’s fitness for a potential second term have been ongoing. Yet, it’s not just the media honing in on this. Polls reflect these concerns, with many Americans feeling uneasy about Biden’s age, especially with Republican leaders continually drawing attention to the matter.

President Biden, who is the oldest president to assume office, would be 86 at the end of a possible second term. Polls from CNN, Wall Street Journal, and Associated Press/NORC all point to significant concerns about his age among voters.

As the 2024 elections approach, Republicans, including former President Trump and South Carolina’s former Governor, Nikki Haley, are putting Biden’s age and stamina under the microscope.

However, the White House and Biden assert that while age concerns are valid, his performance and achievements should be the yardstick for judgment.

Democratic strategists believe that while Biden’s capabilities are evident and he has numerous accomplishments to lean on, the age issue is something the White House cannot simply overlook. Donna Brazile, a veteran Democratic strategist, emphasized on ABC’s “This Week” that Biden’s experience and dedication are significant factors that voters will consider in the coming election.