Biden’s Unthinkable Attack On 9/11 Families

Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

The relatives of a 9/11 victim are expressing their deep disappointment with the Biden administration following a communication suggesting that the main perpetrators of the tragic event might not face capital punishment.

Terry Strada, leading the 9/11 Families United, whose spouse perished in the 9/11 attacks, voiced her concerns on “Fox & Friends First” on a recent Friday, urging the White House to act justly.

“To many of us, it appears as though the government is shielding those responsible for planning, funding, and executing the events of September 11th that resulted in the loss of almost 3,000 lives on American grounds,” Strada shared with Carley Shimkus.

She emphasized, “We, the families and communities affected by 9/11, are yearning for accountability. That’s the crux of our grievance. It’s all about ensuring those responsible are held to account for the deaths of our dear ones.”

On August 1, both the Pentagon and FBI dispatched letters to numerous families affected by the 9/11 incident. These letters indicated that, due to ongoing plea discussions, those who orchestrated the attacks might sidestep the death penalty.

The official communication mentioned, “While a plea arrangement hasn’t been solidified, there is a chance that it might exclude the option of capital punishment.”

However, Strada is ardently requesting the Biden administration to halt any negotiation that might be perceived as leniency. She insisted on seeing justice served to its fullest extent for those behind the catastrophe.

Commenting on the accused held at Guantánamo Bay, Strada articulated, “Having been to Guantánamo Bay and witnessing their confessions, it’s evident that they expressed no regret. It’s clear they’d commit such acts again if given a chance.”

Strada pointed fingers at the Biden administration for possibly conveying a soft stance to other nations if these masterminds elude capital punishment. “It showcases our reluctance to fully pursue and hold accountable these terror networks,” she stated. Strada further linked financial and ideological support for such groups back to Saudi Arabia, based on certain U.S. intelligence data.

Shimkus highlighted that the federal government will take into account the feelings of the 9/11 victims’ families when deciding on any deal.

To conclude, families affected were requested to share their thoughts on the case by a certain Monday. Strada mentioned her intention to respond and encouraged other impacted families to voice their opinions as well.