Biden’s Remain In Texas Plan Crumbles

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

A representative from the House Homeland Security Committee aims to prevent financing for any strategy intending to retain migrants in Texas, following claims that such a plan is under consideration by the Biden administration due to concerns over the influx of migrants into cities like New York City.

Rep. August Pfluger from Texas is proposing a modification to the Homeland Security budget bill to ensure there’s no allocation of funds for the enforcement of a “Stay-in-Texas” directive.

According to a recent article by the Los Angeles Times, there’s deliberation within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about a proposal to mandate certain undocumented immigrant families to stay in Texas, using tracking methods such as GPS ankle bracelets.

The same article mentions these families would undergo an asylum review to decide their eligibility to remain. If they’re deemed ineligible, their proximity to the border would facilitate a smoother deportation process. This scheme is seen as an enlargement of an existing program designed for families moving to major cities, which applies restrictions and monitoring measures.

In a statement following the article’s release, a DHS representative expressed the administration’s dedication to developing secure, structured avenues for migrants to legally come to the U.S., also noting the significant number of individuals they’ve removed or returned since May 2023. They emphasized the ongoing policy discussions to ensure a just and humane immigration system.

However, critics argue the timing of this potential policy, hinting at political motivations. They point towards states like Massachusetts and New York, which are experiencing an influx of migrants and have been openly critical of the federal response.

Rep. Pfluger commented that the timing of the “Stay-in-Texas” proposal coincides with New York City’s Mayor expressing concerns over the border situation. He emphasized that locations that have witnessed an uptick in migrant numbers, some of which are “sanctuary” jurisdictions not fully cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), shouldn’t be shielded from border issues. Pfluger affirmed his stance against such a policy, vowing to oppose any attempts to place the immigration burden on Texans.

House Republicans are introducing multiple amendments, looking to utilize the budgeting process to strengthen border measures and enforcement. Proposals range from cutting funds to sanctuary cities, demanding transparency in migrant transport, to augmenting detention facilities. There’s also a proposal to reduce the salary of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.