Biden’s In BIG Trouble

The White House, CC BY 3.0 US , via Wikimedia Commons

This is not good for him.

President Joe Biden has seen a massive drop in his popularity and support over recent months. This is likely due to many of the policies that he has made throughout his presidency and due to the state of the economy. The economy is in a pretty rough state because of high inflation and supply chain issues.

Biden has seen a double digit drop in popularity all over America. Americans believe that many of his actions have not helped out the country but instead has made it worse. Man young Americans are starting to turn their backs on the president because of many of these issues that have happened under his presidency that are still not fixed. A poll taken showed that young Americans ranging from the ages 18-23 do not support the Biden administration and many of the policies that they have brought out.

Many of these policies have hurt the economy and America as a whole. Due to these policies many states have showed a large decrease in support for the president and his administration. 63% of the votes taken in the poll do not believe in Biden and the current administration while only 37% votes think that Biden and the administration are good for the country.

Biden is starting to lose the support of the American people. If he continues to go down his current path it will not be good for his administration or the American people.