Biden’s DefSec Doesn’t Know?!

( – In a mind-blowing declaration that might as well scare the heck out of the entire nation, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin testified before Congress that he had no idea who relieved him of duty while he was secretly hospitalized over New Year’s.

Austin appeared Thursday before the House Armed Services Committee to discuss previously unclear aspects of his hospitalization in January.

The session largely failed to uncover new facts, especially regarding the four days President Joe Biden was unaware of Austin’s absence.

A central issue was the ambiguity surrounding who authorized Austin’s deputy to take over during his recovery, National Review informs in a report.

US Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) probed Austin on who decided to delegate his responsibilities during his hospital stay.

Austin admitted his inability to make such decisions due to his location and lack of secure communication, stating only that “the decision was made” without specifying who made it.

This has raised questions, as Austin’s senior aides were reportedly unaware of his medical procedure, which necessitated a significant hospital stay.

It’s still unclear who ordered Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks to step in, especially since she was on vacation when notified, the report points out.

Austin assured there were no adverse bureaucratic effects from this confusion.

He denied instructing his staff to conceal his health status from the president, attributing the oversight to a “breakdown in communication.”

He emphasized there was no failure in the chain of command or lapse in authority during his absence.

“What we didn’t do well was the notification of senior leaders… [but] there was never a lapse of authorities,” Austin said.

The hearing also touched on a US military action in Iraq on January 4, highlighting the potential risks associated with Austin’s undisclosed absence.

Despite these concerns, some Democrats redirected the focus towards passing a bill to fund military support for Ukraine and aid for Israel, criticizing the hearing’s focus on Austin’s health emergency.

US Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) and others suggested the hearing was merely a distraction from more significant national security issues, like political polarization. However, the Republicans disagreed.

“Secretary, our enemies should fear us, but what you did embarrassed us,” Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) said.