Biden’s Call With Putin, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Here are the facts…

After Donald Trump, it was very difficult to imagine a president that could be equally or even more controversial. Joe Biden hasn’t even completed one year of his presidency and yet there have been so many controversies from the border crisis to the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan. All of these issues have led to a drop in Biden’s approval ratings.

However many believe that Joe Biden has a chance at reviving his fallen popularity with the way he deals with Vladimir Putin especially on the Ukraine issue.

What Was The Call About?

Presidents Biden and Putin held the video call to discuss an array of issues including Iran, global stability and ransomware. However the issue on the forefront was about Ukraine. Russia caused a stir in the global political environment when it annexed Crimea back in 2014. With the Russian troops gathering around the Ukraine border once again, it begs the question, Is America ready to save their Eastern ally or are we going to see another annexation.

Biden’s Response to Putin’s Aggression towards Ukraine
This was a secure call, so we don’t exactly know how the entire call went however one of the top advisors of the Biden Administration has said that President Biden told President Putin that in case of a military venture by Russia, the US is ready to take a range of steps that they did not take back in 2014.

Both America and Russia cannot afford a direct war with each other but the world can be rest assured that in case of a military action, the US will hit Russia with strong economic sanctions.

Biden is considered a weak president by his political rival. Russia on the other hand can use Hunter Biden’s Ukraine connection to politicize and compromise Joe Biden’s actions. So we have to wait and see how he responds the Russia-Ukraine crisis. The way Joe Biden responds to this situation may just be the factor that revives his political popularity.