Biden’s Biggest Problem

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Is time for Biden to go?

After Biden refused to say that voting in this year’s election would be legitimate unless voting rights legislation was passed in the Senate, the Democratic Party has continued its relentless pursuit of a “voting rights” bill that is the least important issue for most voters.

In another failed attempt to read the room, the Democrats have chosen to fixate on changes to voting legislation despite voters being concerned about more pressing issues like inflation.

However, this direction isn’t very shocking or new, given that the President’s approval ratings plummeted after he botched the exit from Afghanistan. Currently, Biden’s polling average on approval lingers at around 42%, although polls like the Quinnipiac poll show him reaching as low as 33%. Yet liberal media outlets like CNN and Washington Post have blamed Biden’s low approval rates on everything but Biden. Voters aren’t buying it.

The polling figures are revealing.

Besides his approval being on the decline, his disapproval has increased, widening the gap between disapproval and approval.

Rasmussen and Gallup both show disapproval at 15 points higher than approval. Besides the gap being telling, the polls also reveal that Biden’s obsession with the filibuster may not be appreciated by voters, as the polls were taken at the same time Biden was increasing his rhetoric surrounding voting rights and the filibuster.

While the President has been vocal about voting rights, he has been silent on the issues Americans are facing. Millions of Americans are reeling from the impact of supply chain issues, shortages, gas price increases, a shrinking job market, and inflation that has outpaced any marginal increase in income.

Instead of addressing these issues, the President held a speech during which he compared those who didn’t support changing the filibuster to racists and segregations.

Although he may be attempting to change the image that he and his administration are aloof, out-of-touch, and incompetent by hosting more press conferences this year, unless he takes the time to address the concerns of millions of Americans, his polling numbers won’t improve.