Biden White House Imploding

White House

( – Struggling under the weight of their own ineffectiveness, top aides to Joe Biden are experiencing deep frustration and bitterness due to self-imposed political hurdles facing the administration.

As reported by Axios CEO Jim VandeHei and co-founder Mike Allen, the White House is facing numerous domestic and international challenges. These include escalating crime rates, issues at the southern border, rampant inflation, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the escalating Hamas conflict.

Internally, there are claims that the administration’s political influence has significantly diminished since Biden took office. This adverse situation doesn’t bode well for his reelection prospects. VandeHei and Allen attribute this to three main reasons: Firstly, Biden is either neck and neck or trailing behind former President Donald Trump in national and swing state polls. Secondly, his performance on key issues like immigration, crime, and inflation is polling poorly. Thirdly, a majority of Democratic voters reportedly don’t want him to run for reelection, which is a significant hurdle for his campaign.

Biden’s approval rating is under additional stress due to the war in the Middle East. A Gallup poll revealed an eleven-point drop in his approval rating among Democrats within a month, coinciding with instability in the region. This decline from 86 percent to a record low of 75 percent comes as the Democratic Party grapples with widespread support for Palestinians, with many sympathizing with Hamas.

The impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives against Biden could further tarnish his image of restoring integrity to the White House. The House Oversight Committee recently disclosed that James Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, wrote him a check for $200,000 in 2018.

The transaction is under scrutiny as it involved Americore, a financially troubled entity that loaned James Biden a total of $600,000. On the same day that Americore wired $200,000 to James Biden, he issued a check of the same amount to Joe Biden. This substantial transfer between brothers is a key element in the growing body of evidence against Joe Biden.