Biden State Department Went Silent After Congressional Office Asked For Help

Biden State Department Went Silent After Congressional Office Asked For Help

( – In countless press briefings, speeches, and other communications, the Biden administration has stuck by its claims that the US will help every American leave Afghanistan if they desire to do so. Unfortunately, the actions of officials tell a different story.

Reports from the office of a California representative present an image of a government unwilling to assist with rescuing Americans, legal permanent residents, and allies. The tale highlights serious ongoing problems with the Afghan evacuation.

A Congressman Asks for a Meeting

On August 30, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) had his office reach out to the US Department of State to request a meeting to discuss bringing home Americans from the Taliban-controlled nation. The State Department responded the next day asking for more information. The team gave them details about who to contact to set up a meeting and provided information about the specific individuals seeking evacuation.

The State Department pointed Issa in the direction of a scheduled briefing for members of the House and welcomed Issa to ask questions there. This was not what the Congressman wanted, and his team responded asking for a private meeting. They explained they want answers to questions about cases specific to them and do not feel all of Congress needs to hear these individuals’ details.

Reconnecting for Answers

Issa’s office contacted the State Department again weeks later, having heard nothing in the interim. They noted their repeated requests for a meeting had received no response, leaving the cases of citizens and permanent residents up in the air.

The State Department supplied general instructions for citizen and LPR evacuation in response, including some basic information about the specific individuals the representative’s office wanted to discuss. These details were unhelpful, however, as they only told people still in Afghanistan to make plans to leave safely but advised that the US government would not offer assistance.

Also, the communication stated the evacuation will only help citizens, legal permanent residents, and their spouses, parents (if a minor), and children under 21, noting some of those on Issa’s list did not meet these criteria.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Rep. Issa said the State Department’s role should be to lead the evacuation, but it is following the president and leaving it up to the people stuck in Afghanistan to figure it out for themselves. A request for comment from the State Department received no response.

The State Department is in charge of the evacuations, but it is not working for the people. The US government appears to be doing as little as possible to help, despite people like Representative Issa doing everything they can to try to get people home.

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