Biden Spokesperson Praises Trump for Telling Americans to Get Vaccinated

Biden Spokesperson Praises Trump for Telling Americans to Get Vaccinated

( – It is rare to hear any Democrat, let alone one from inside the Biden Administration, give former President Donald Trump any credit for his hard work. Yet, White House Communication Director Kate Bedingfield did have a few compliments to pay during the July 20, 2021, episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Bedingfield about the former president’s cult following, as well as the White House’s current plans to handle the spread of disinformation about COVID-19. In response, she opted to highlight the good he did by getting vaccinated.

The communications director also gave him credit for being an early supporter during a time when many still felt unsure about the jab. She also reminded Brzezinski that Trump repeatedly urged his supporters to get vaccinated. Bedingfield then moved on to place blame on conservative news stations for spreading false information about COVID-19.

Co-host Willie Geist also spoke up to remind everyone of Trump’s history of promoting the vaccine. She then gave credit to several Fox News hosts for their contributions.

There seems to be some hesitancy on the Left to give Trump credit about the coronavirus vaccine. Yet, this was a key accomplishment within his presidency.

Surprisingly, the American public at large doesn’t seem to harbour the same hang ups. In a Rasmussen poll published in July, 2021, nearly 51 percent of respondents gave all of the credit to former President Donald Trump.

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