Biden Shows How Clueless He Really Is

Photo by Kristina Volgenau on Unsplash

Does he think this will work?

Biden’s approval ratings have reached record lows. A CBS/YouGov poll showed independents and young people weren’t supporting the President they had helped elect. In the face of these challenges, Biden’s team believes they’ve discovered the solution to his dismal polls: communication.

According to a report by NBC News, senior administration officials have revealed that Biden’s plan to reset would be to prioritize spending more time communicating directly to Americans.

Wednesday’s press conference probably falls into Biden’s reset plan. But to many, this change doesn’t address the real reasons the President’s numbers are in the gutter.

But referencing Presidential historian Michael Beschloff, “Oftentimes in modern history when a president has frustrations and drops in the polls, the president will say, ‘It’s now time for me to talk over the heads of the elites and talk directly to the people to convince them that what I’m trying to do is right.’”

If it worked for previous administrations, it may not work for Biden’s. Unlikely. Talking “to more people directly” could do more harm than good to the President’s polling numbers. His numbers first took a dip after he spoke “directly” to Americans on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Those who weren’t aware got a first-hand glance at the incompetence of the President, who was adamant he was right despite provable data to the contrary. It was a sobering experience for many who had supported him before. Because –– believe it or not –– for approval ratings to decline so sharply, many people who previously supported and approved of the President don’t anymore.

Talking “directly” won’t increase Biden’s support. This fallacy will only make others who were defensive of his capabilities confront the truth, leaving them no choice other than to admit that those who have already lost faith in his abilities are right. If that’s the case, Biden could see his numbers slide into the 20s. But as Biden says, “I don’t believe the polls.”