Biden Says The Quiet Part Out Loud

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Conservatives were right!

On Thursday (June 30), during a press conference in Madrid, Spain, Biden turned his back on reporters shouting “I’m outta here” while making a hasty exit.

The press conference held after the NATO summit saw Biden answer several questions from a pre-determined list of journalists but left many others in the lurch after attempting to wrap up.

“All right guys,” Biden said, signaling that he was getting ready to end the question and answer session, despite dozens of reporters still wanting to ask questions.

One reporter in the back promised to be quick, to which Biden responded, “There’s no such thing as a quick one.”

He then said, “I’m outta here,” as he turned his back to the podium and walked away while multiple reporters still had their hands raised.

Biden’s actions on Thursday hearken back to a similar attitude he’s held throughout his Presidency, where, despite the infrequency of his press engagements, Biden manages to cut short the question and answer sessions.

But Thursday’s question and answer session was particularly notable as Biden read from a predetermined list of reporters.

“I’ll be happy to take your questions, and the first question, I’m told, is Darlene Superville from The Associated Press,” Biden said, reading from a piece of paper.

Referencing note cards has also become a frequent part of Biden’s press and public engagements.
Last week, Biden held up note cards that read, “YOU enter the room and say hello to participants” and “YOU take YOUR seat.”

These note cards and predetermined lists of reporters have also led many to call into question why the President doesn’t take charge of his press scheduling and why he always needs to have scripted responses.