Biden Ruthlessly Mocked For Humiliating Mistake

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

President Biden’s most recent remarks at the White House led to many people on Twitter mocking him and laughing at his expense over the incident.

During his speech, Biden stated that “I’m the AI,” and then warned that anyone who thought that he was Abraham Lincoln, should “blame” AI for this. In the speech, Biden focused on artificial intelligence and its development in the future and noted that this type of technology can bring great opportunity and also incredible risks to society. He then said that AI companies should be making sure that discrimination and bias do not make their way to their software.

Following his speech, Biden was mumbling something from the podium, while wandering away. One Journalist proceeded to ask Biden if he had any information about the “hacking of cabinet officials by China” and the level of concern that incident caused.

This was a reference to a recent incident where a group linked with Beijing was able to hack into email accounts belonging to government officials and employees by exploiting a flaw in Microsoft’s cloud-based security. The first reports about this incident were published last week, and the operation had led to thousands of U.S. government emails being compromised.

However, Biden chose to ignore the question and instead asked his staff if they were ready and in what way they would get “these guys down there?”

Since clips surfaced from the event many Twitter users were quick to mock Biden’s exit.

Ari Hoffman, a Post Millennial editor, pointed out that Biden had gotten “’ lost in his own museum,’” while Paxton Harmon, a GOP communicator, stated that Biden, whom he referred to as “Bro” did not know what was going on at all.