Biden Reunites Immigrant Families

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

Five hundred families who were separated under Trump’s administration have been reunited under President Joe Biden’s administration, according to reporting by The Hill.

The milestone number is two years in the making. The Biden administration conducted steady work to reunite more than 1,000 children with their parents after being separated during the implementation of a 2018 Trump policy.

In a statement to The Hill, Michelle Brané, executive director of the administration’s Family Reunification Task Force, explained, “Five hundred is a really important milestone. Obviously, the first step for these families is that physical reunification and going through that process.”

Brané emphasized, “Those are 500 individual children that are now with their parents.”

The reunification task force was launched weeks after Biden took office, vowing to contact the parents of the children, most of who were outside the U.S.

In 2018, when Trump announced the policy, it had to be suspended following widespread outrage. Yet, before its suspension, the policy had already separated 5,000 children from their parents.

Brané also confirmed that the task force still had approximately 700 children to reunify with their parents.

To bolster reunification, the task force launched two sites in September 2021. An English site and its Spanish-language counterpart would serve as a portal for families to actively seek reunification.

In its efforts to reunite children with their parents, the task force has gone as far as visiting villages in other countries.

Discussing the extent of the efforts, Brané said, “We’re making progress. We have been able to contact many of the families that we had not previously had any contact with when we came into this job and into this mission. And we know that there is a lot of work left to be done. We are committed to continuing to work to find these families.”