Biden Launches Trump Smear Campaign

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Someone is scared.

As the midterm election season is kicking into gear, President Joe Biden has resumed his focus on former President Donald Trump, only exacerbating White House aides and Biden abandoning their strategy to ignore Trump and his supporters.

This refusal to abandon vilifying Trump underscores the Democrat Party’s weakness, an inability to rely on policies alone to garner votes, choosing instead to use the threat of Trump to agitate Democrats into voting.

Speaking on the Democrats Trump-bashing strategy, presidential historian and commentator Brian Rosenwald told the Washington Examiner that the political secret was “both sides really need their bases to have something to be angry and anxious over to get them to turn out in maximum number.” Rosenwald also said that desire was why “the out-party usually does well in midterm elections — they’re the angry ones.”

According to Rosenwald, this tactic to induce anger and anxiety hasn’t always been fruitful for Democrats. In last year’s Virginia gubernatorial race, the attempt to nationalize state constituents proved impossible as “mild-mannered” Republican Glenn Youngkin won the gubernatorial election after running on a positive agenda, whereas his counterpart former Democrat Governor Terry Auliffe failed with a more negative campaign.

Yet, the historian believed Biden’s changing tone regarding the former President was not based on speculation that Trump would be vying for the 2024 Presidential election, saying the Presidential election was too far off for Biden’s administration to make that “sort of calculation.”

Rosenwald elaborated on his remarks, saying that plenty could “change in the interim” before expressing his beliefs that Biden’s recent tone was a signal to Democrat voters that he understands their frustrations over “the danger posed by the Trump movement, and he understands the fear that Jan. 6 is being whitewashed or minimized.”