Biden Is Busing Illegals WHERE?! (Video)

Joe Biden

( – In a new catastrophic decision, President Joe Biden’s administration is transporting illegal immigrants allowed to invade the nation through the Southern Border, to San Diego even though the California city has run out of money to handle them and has no more working migrant centers.

See a video of the situation in San Diego below!

San Diego is currently grappling with a significant challenge as its migrant centers are depleted of funding, while Biden’s Border Patrol continues to transport thousands of illegal immigrants to the city each week.

The situation has become dire, with officials at a loss on how to manage the influx of undocumented immigrants, particularly now that San Diego’s resources for migrants have been entirely exhausted due to a lack of both federal and private financial support, Breitbart News reports.

The city witnessed the closure of its final migrant welcome center on February 22, after it could not sustain its operations financially.

As a result, all new arrivals are left on the streets once they disembark from Border Patrol buses.

Since December, the Border Patrol has relocated 42,000 illegal immigrants to San Diego County, putting an immense strain on the city and its local non-governmental organizations.

Joel Anderson, a San Diego County Supervisor, is actively seeking additional federal funds from Biden’s administration as the city faces waves of migrants.

Anderson has even reached out to Biden, requesting a temporary closure of the border to alleviate the pressure on San Diego and allow for the identification of new funding avenues, as reported by KGTV-TV.

Despite Anderson’s appeals, the city continues to be overwhelmed by the ongoing arrival of thousands due to Biden’s policies, with the $6 million in funds received since October now fully expended.

“It’s astounding that $6 million have been spent in less than four months and, as a region, we have absolutely no enduring welcoming infrastructure to show for it. This is unacceptable,” said Lindsay Toczylowski, Executive Director of the Immigrant Defenders Law Center.

The persistent release of migrants onto the streets has sparked conflict among officials in the predominantly Democrat county.

“The federal government must manage the mess they’ve created. We need the border to be secure and the laws to be upheld, including asylum cases to be heard on a case-by-case basis, not just mass released. But, in the meantime, if the federal government allows this to take place, they must fund the chaos they’ve created,” declared Jim Desmond, a Republican Supervisor for San Diego County.