Biden Injures Himself Again

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

President Joe Biden appeared to hit his head on a helicopter door as he exited the Marine Corps Thursday (June 1) afternoon, just hours after he tripped on the stage at the Air Force Academy’s commencement ceremony.

Reporters waiting for Biden on the South Lawn of the White House watched the President bang his forehead as he exited the helicopter.

While Biden did not appear to be immediately injured, he rubbed his head where it made contact with the helicopter door as he walked on the lawn.

“I got sandbagged,” Biden told reporters as he made a brief stop to engage, apparently referring to his recent fall, which he blamed on a sandbag on the stage.

He abruptly ended the interaction, telling reporters, “No questions, no,” before walking away.

When Biden delivered the commencement address at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony on Thursday, he collapsed as he left the podium.

The tumble quickly caught the attention of users on social media, who expressed concern about the health of the 80-year-old President.

“This is not funny. This is just sad,” tweeted Republican Representative Wesley Hunt (R), who added that Biden shouldn’t be the U.S. President in 2025 and was “Praying for our country.”

Outkick founder Clay Travis also remarked on the fall, calling it “elder abuse” and declaring Biden “isn’t well.”

However, White House communications director Ben Labolt tried to ease concerns about the President’s health, writing that Biden simply tripped over a sandbag.

“He’s fine. There was a sandbag on stage while he was shaking hands,” tweeted following the incident.