Biden In Huge Trouble (video)

( – A fresh new poll has sent shivers down the left’s spines as, perhaps for the first time, Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection bid truly seems to be in trouble – as the incumbent has fallen notably behind former President Donald Trump in five out of six vital swing states.

According to a poll by The New York Times and Siena College released on Sunday, Trump is ahead by a margin of 10 points in Nevada, 6 in Georgia, 5 in both Arizona and Michigan, and 4 points in Pennsylvania. Conversely, Biden holds a slim advantage in Wisconsin by 2 points.

The survey questioned 3,662 registered voters in the six battleground states from late October to early November, National Review reports.

According to its findings, public opinion on the Biden administration’s handling of affairs is significantly negative, with 59% of respondents expressing strong or moderate disapproval.

A prevailing sentiment of pessimism is reflected in the 67% majority who feel the country is on a misguided trajectory.

The likelihood of these voters endorsing Biden in the subsequent election is low, with 49% indicating minimal chance of their support, a sentiment echoed by 46% regarding Trump.

Voters prioritize economic matters such as employment, taxation, and cost of living above all, with 57% placing these at the forefront of issues.

A majority of 52% perceive the economy to be in poor shape.

Trust in Trump surpasses Biden on issues like “immigration, national security, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” by a significant margin. Yet, Biden is more trusted on abortion rights by nine points and slightly more on safeguarding “democracy” by three points.

Concerns over Biden’s capability, linked to perceptions of his age, are notable, with 71% questioning his efficacy due to being 80 years old and 62% doubting his mental acuity for presidential duties.

In contrast, Trump, who is 77, is seen by only 39% as too old for the presidency.

Despite widespread criticism of Trump’s character traits, a sentiment persists among voters that Biden’s policies have been detrimental to them personally.

On the flip side, 51% believe Trump’s policies have been beneficial to them on a personal level.

“This is the first time, Jen, that I have felt like the 2024 election is in great danger for Biden and for our Democrat control,” progressivist US Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) told MSNBC host Jen Psaki, Biden’s former press secretary.