Biden Humiliated After New Lawmaker’s History Surfaces

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

After Politico’s Sam Stein queried whether Congressman-elect George Santos’ election was unprecedented given the number of holes in his resume, conservatives quickly reminded Stein that President Joe Biden was once a Senator.

Twitter users swarmed Stein’s replies, insisting that electing a Congressman with a questionable history had been done before when Biden was elected and Reelected to Congress during his 36 years as a Senator.

Santos came under fire after a New York Times exposé poked holes in his biography. The outlet highlighted that Santos may have represented his Wall Street career — since Goldman Sachs and Citi Group have no record of him working for them — to his education pedigree and family background.

Santos, who was able to flip New York’s Third Congressional District to a Republican candidate, denied the claims, describing them as “defamatory.”

Nonetheless, the press around the story prompted Stein to ask on Twitter if someone with “so many biographical holes” had ever been elected to Congress.

Twitter users had a concise response — yes, tall-tale Biden.

Prominent conservatives pointed out Biden’s story about giving his Uncle Frank — at the behest of his father, Joseph Biden Sr. — a Purple Heart after he became Vice President in 2009. A blatant lie since his father passed in 2002 and his uncle Frank, three years prior, in 1999.

Stephen Miller, a contributor for “The Spectator,” pointed out how Biden asserted he was “imprisoned with Nelson Mandela” before asking Stein if he wanted to dig into Biden’s “law school record.”