Biden Has Major Health Scare On Air

Gage Skidmore

Here’s what happened.

President Joe Biden had a pretty big health scare recently after his voice sounded very bad during a press meeting. Many Americans believe that the president has caught something that is effecting his voice.

Many Americans are shocked to see that President Joe Biden does not seem well after a recent press interview was interrupted by many of his coughs. Biden’s voice also sounds sickly during the press conference. Biden stated that he may have caught a cold from one of his grandchildren but that has yet to be confirmed by any other source. Many speculate that this may not be just a common cold due to his voice and the violent coughs during the press conference.

Biden only stated that he caught a cold after Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned on why he sounded the way that he did. Many Americans are still concerned about the state of the president and if it only is just a cold. President Biden stated that he took a coronavirus test but did not say what the results were during the press conference.

This is very bad news for the president and the administration. Many Americans are speculating that Biden has something more than just a common cold but him and the administration say otherwise.